Always a time for Animals


Hi!!!!   I made this group because I love animals ALOT!!!

The name of this group is kind of weird but all my best names were taken so I had to pick this.

I will accept any animals, and I have it on auto-accept, so anyone and everyone can join, so please do!!!

Right now, almost all of my animals are a rare species. I have a whole family of Koala's!

So please join, I don't mind, and I look forward to seeing people in my group.

Also, here are some jokes.

Why didn't the elephant play hide in seek? Because there was a Cheetah!

Why don't  leopards play hide and seek? Because they are always spotted!

Why was piglet looking down the toilet? He was looking for Pooh!

LOL. Anyway do join you wont regret it I am sure!


LOL I got myself in my own group.

7 years, 298 h and 4 min ago

The group welcomes a new member: Jenayha

7 years, 339 h and 6 min ago